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Since 1981 I've been inspecting in the demanding Military, Space, Commercial Aviation, and Real Estate industries.

I'm very experienced as a California State Licensed General Building Contractor and Handyman in residential construction in the Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

As an Inspector, my breadth of experience and level professionalism is unique in the home inspection industry. 

Continue reading to see the importance I place on Care, Responsibility, Competence, and Integrity.


I am a Certified CREIA      Home Inspector
Thorough & Detailed Home Inspections

The inspection is performed carefully, without haste or distraction.

Every accessible system and feature of the home, inside and out, from the foundation to the roof, is examined to the CREIA Standards of Practice.


The inspection is focused on finding every risk to you regarding health, safety, differed maintenance, structural integrity, and system functionality.  

After the inspection, I will show you every finding and answer all of your questions. You will receive your report by email the same day.

Professional Inspection Reports

Download a sample report here.

The report contains a very convenient summary section at the beginning, which includes color photos and a clear description of every finding.


The report is written with no bias toward inaccurately over- or under-stating any finding. 

A failure to report in a professional manner can hurt everyone.


An over-stated report protects the inspector in a lawsuit and can scare buyers away from the home they really like.  


An under-stated report will certainly leave problems for the buyers, and liability for the inspector.


The purpose of CREIA is to establish and enforce professionals standards of practice and the ethical conduct of its home inspectors specifically to protect and inform  home buyers. 

CREIA is the only California-specific certifying body for home inspectors. The CREIA certification is the most difficult to earn; It requires more experience, education, mentoring, testing, performance reviews, continuing education credits than any of the national bodies.


CREIA Inspectors also attend very informative monthly local chapter meetings, to stay up-to-date on all sorts of issues to better inform and protect you.

The State of California has no licensing or certification requirements for home inspectors, therefore anyone can call them self a home inspector.  The most experienced Realtors refer only Certified CREIA Home Inspectors.



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